Revolution by Emmanuel Macron

Revolution by Emmanuel Macron

By Emmanuel Macron


The bestselling memoir by France's president, Emmanuel Macron.

Some believe that our country is in decline, that the worst is yet to come, that our civilization is withering away. That only isolation or civil strife are on our horizon. That to protect ourselves from the great transformations taking place around the globe, we should go back in time and apply the recipes of the last century.

Others imagine that France can continue on its slow downward slide. That the game of political juggling—first the Left, then the Right—will allow us breathing space. The same faces and the same people who have been around for so long.

I am convinced that they are all wrong. It is their models, their recipes, that have simply failed. France as a whole has not failed.

In Revolution, Emmanuel Macron, the youngest president in the history of France, reveals his personal story and his inspirations, and discusses his vision of France and its future in a new world that is undergoing a ‘great transformation’ that has not been known since the Renaissance.

This is a remarkable book that seeks to lay the foundations for a new society—a compelling testimony and statement of values by an important political leader who has become the flag-bearer for a new kind of politics.


“Emmanuel Macron has stood up for liberal values. He put forward a vision for the important role that France plays in Europe and around the world. And he is committed to a better future for the French people. He appeals to people's hopes and not their fears.” — President Barack Obama

“Macron has been an object of fascination ever since he unexpectedly came to power. In this political autobiography, he recounts his origins and explains his centrist philosophy.” — New York Times

“A book that should be read by anybody who wants to understand what has been going on in French politics in the past few years.” — Andrew Hussey, The Observer

“In his book Revolution…President Macron has set out a clear vision for the revitalisation of the EU.” — Brendan Simms, New Statesman

“Now that he is president, now that he has shown that he can translate the ephemera of ideas into cold, hard power, it is worth returning to his words to find out what kind of leader he plans to be…Revolution provides some insight into a man who, whatever you think of him, is deeply unusual.” — The Sunday Telegraph

“Provides a glimpse into the heart and mind of a leadership candidate whose love for France is revealed through his visions of a nation where freedoms are more closely tied to responsibilities, and where a new system of laws and regulations replaces those he believes belong to the 19th century.” — Winnipeg Free Press

Emmanuel Macron. Scribe, $17 (272p) ISBN 9781925322712