RISE: My Story by Lindsey Vonn

By Lindsey Vonn



The first ever memoir from the most decorated female skier of all time, revealing never-before-told stories of her life in the fast lane, her struggle with depression, and the bold decisions that helped her break down barriers on and off the slopes.

82 World Cup wins. 20 World Cup titles. 3 Olympic medals. 7 World Championship Medals.

A fixture in the American sports landscape for almost twenty years, Lindsey Vonn is a legend. With a career that spanned a transformation in how America recognizes and celebrates female athletes, Vonn—who retired in 2019 as the most decorated American skier of all time—was in the vanguard of that change, helping blaze a trail for other world-class female athletes and reimagining what it meant to pursue speed at all costs.

In Rise, Vonn shares her incredible journey for the first time, going behind the scenes of a badass life built around resilience and risk-taking. One of the most aggressive skiers ever, Vonn offers a fascinating glimpse into the relentless pursuit of her limits, a pursuit so focused on one-upping herself that she pushed her body past its breaking point as she achieved greatness. While this iconic grit and perseverance helped her battle a catalog of injuries, these injuries came with a cost—physical, of course, but also mental. Vonn opens up about her decades-long depression and struggles with self-confidence, discussing candidly how her mental health challenges influenced her career without defining her.

Through it all, she dissects the moments that sidelined her and how, each time, she clawed her way back using an iconoclastic approach rooted in hard work—pushing boundaries, challenging expectations, and speaking her mind, even when it got her into trouble. At once empowering and raw, Rise is an inspirational look at her hard-fought success as well as an honest appraisal of the sacrifices she made along the way—an emotional journey of winning that understands all too well that every victory comes with a price.


I know the feeling of cold, early mornings and freezing, late-night practices. Lindsey’s story from skiing tiny Minnesota hills to towering Colorado mountains strikes a chord in anyone who’s been told they don’t fit the mold. Rise demonstrates the importance of setting yourself apart to change the game—how the game is played, how to improve the game, and how to use your platform for those coming after you. — Wayne Gretzky

Lindsey Vonn’s story is an unfiltered, honest look at the mountains that need conquering for a female athlete to forge her own path, no matter how good she is. Powerful and evocative, Rise showcases Lindsey’s achievements on the hill and her emotional work off of it. — Billie Jean King

Lindsey Vonn is a true American icon in the world of sports and will be remembered as one of, if not the greatest, of all time. But more important than her historic accomplishments, the Lindsey I’ve become close with is a good, solid human being with a heart that knows no boundaries. And that’s her greatest accomplishment of all. — Dwayne Johnson

Lindsey’s twenty-year career in professional skiing is a testament to what it takes to relentlessly pursue greatness. She rose to the top of her sport and had incredible longevity in the face of countless setbacks, not only persevering but also succeeding at the highest level. This memoir is an honest and inspirational story of the sacrifice, hard work, and adversity she faced, and embodies what it means to be a true champion. — Tom Brady

Lindsey has overcome many injuries and setbacks in her career and always fought her way back. Despite what she went through, she was able to stay at the top of her sport for over a decade. Her story is inspirational, not just for athletes like myself, but to anyone facing an obstacle in life. — Roger Federer

Lindsey Vonn. Dey Street Books, $29 (336p) ISBN 9780062889447